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Preparing for divorce day

3 January 2018 by Roger MacKenzie, Head of Family Law


After the festive season is over, the Monday of the first full working week is said to signal Divorce D-Day – the peak time that couples separate and get advice about a divorce.


There are many reasons offered as to why January sees the most amount of married couples getting in touch with lawyers about a divorce. Some think that the amount of time married couples spend over Christmas reinforces the fact that they are no longer happy in the marriage – and they simply can’t go through another Christmas together.


Others may put off making the decision until Christmas is over as they don’t want to upset the family – and put everyone in an awkward situation on Christmas day.


For some, concerns over finances and the need to start the new year with a clean slate can all come together to make separation seem like the only viable option.


However, unless there are strong reasons to separate immediately - such as domestic abuse – it may be helpful for couples to attend couple counselling to try and resolve their issues.


Organisations such as Relationships Scotland and The Spark can support couples to work through their problems and get their marriage back on track.

Preparing for a divorce

After considering all your options, if separation seems the only way forward and you need legal advice about a divorce, you could benefit by being as organised as possible for the initial meeting with a lawyer. This would include:


Arranging childcare

When it comes to future childcare arrangements, it is essential that you consider carefully and objectively about the arrangements that could be put in place for the care of your children. In most cases, it is better to look for a solution that will limit disruption to the children and allow both parents to maintain a full and active role in their lives.


Income and expenses

Review your finances and put together a budget or spreadsheet that notes all of your income and expenses. Consider all the combined costs now and in the future and how that might look divided between two households.


Assets and debts

Write down all the assets that you have acquired over the time of your marriage - in both joint names and sole names. This often includes your home, savings and pensions. You may want to have a think about each of your work history to find all pensions.


You will also need to include any debts, such as your mortgage, car loans and credit cards, as these all need to be factored in.


It is also important to consider any noteworthy moments over the course of your marriage for example, did one of you get an inheritance or own a property before getting married. These are all questions a family lawyer will want to ask when you meet to make sure a fair outcome is achieved for you.

Finding the right family lawyer can make all the difference

Here at Digby Brown, our family law department is headed by Roger Mackenzie. Roger has specialised in family law for more than ten years.


Divorce can be a very difficult time. Our team understand this and provide a sympathetic and affordable service, helping you reach an outcome that works best for you and your family.


If you would like to speak about any family law issue you may have, or would like further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us by either calling 0333 200 5925, or filling in the enquiry form below.


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